The Purpose Of Psycotherapy Is To Set People Free

- Rollo May

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Counselling & Psychotherapy

What to expect from coming to Counselling and Psychotherapy?

We will meet for fifty minutes at the same time each week, once a week.  You may start talking about your day to day focus, this may be work related or about relationships, difficulties

that have arisen in the week or just feelings that may feel overwhelming.

I will sit and listen, without any judgment and try to understand and empathise.  Therapy is a place to bring anything that comes to mind.

Once our alliance and trust builds up, you may talk about more in depth areas such as  growing up, memories, hopes and fears.  These can be talked about and thought about whilst in the room.

As our working partnership develops, I may begin to notice patterns and possibly try to focus some attention on this and exploring together why the things that are making you unhappy keep

repeating themselves. This may not be easy at times but I can use my experience and knowledge to help you.

Psychotherapy gives you a safe space to think and learn more about you and how you relate to people and situations.  It can be a very valuable experience for you and for those around you.